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Dedicated to covering the largest transit agency in the United States, New York City Transit.

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BVE is a freeware train simualator created by a Japanese college student known as mackoy.

OpenBVE is a Open Source train simulator created by michelle. OpenBVE is compatible with most BVE files.

Here at BVEStation, you will find everything you need to play, develop for, or get general information about BVE and OpenBVE.

Latest News

Posted on April 15, 2014, 12:38:50 AM by Dj Hammers

The staff here at BVEStation hopes everyone is enjoying their Spring Break. We're releasing some train content for you guys to enjoy.

Starting off...
The long awaited updated R38 has been released. This release features a fully 3D exterior with changeable animated signage and pivoting trucks. The train will be further updated in the summer as well.

Download Link

The R32 has also been updated, with a Post-SMS version that features an improved 3D exterior. Just like the R38, the train will be further updated in the summer as well.

Download Link

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Posted on April 08, 2014, 01:39:31 PM by ipac

I was recently approached by a team of Brazillian OpenBVE developers who would like to feature their content.  Their content consists of the transit system located in Rio De Janiero, the 2nd largest city in Brazil, and its surrounding systems.  Specifically the Rio de Janeiro Metro, and SuperVia commuter rail systems and more.

Give them a visit today, and expand your BVE content collections.


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Posted on March 13, 2014, 12:34:52 AM by ipac

After a long hiatus from BVE/OpenBVE development, co-developer of the OpenBVE project Anthony Bowden has resumed development of his long and highly anticipated routes from the UK.  His blog indicates that he has continued development on the Watford Junction to Rugby route, which will feature more advanced safety systems, both on the track and train with the UkTrainSys plugin and enhanced visuals to fully take advantage of the OpenBVE system.

He too is looking for help on development, and therefore has called for contributors to help him.

Check out his blog for more information on his developments.

Source: http://railsimroutes.net/blog/

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Posted on March 05, 2014, 11:42:27 PM by ipac

As with some of the (really old) posts on the forums regarding a new update of OpenBVE somehow breaking their games, you can now download older versions of OpenBVE in case you overwritten your old copy.  These older versions are essentially the same codebase as these old versions, but had the Multiplayer Extension added, and then removed again (for this purpose).  Let me know if a multiplayer component that was possibly left in the source could be causing any instabilities to the game.  Also if anyone has an older copy of OpenBVE with the source, it would be great if you can send it to me so we can grow this archive of older versions.  Any other instabilities or issues are likely because you are running the older version!

I have searched in many places and couldn't find older versions, so I hope this can help some people out, as it certainly has helped me, when I upgraded to the version 1.4.x series.  The page with the downloads is in the link below.  We currently have v.1.2.3 - v1.4.2, the files are 7zipped.


As always, no warranties, not responsible for a...

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Posted on January 26, 2014, 10:38:22 PM by Dj Hammers

CT1660 has released updates to both the R16 and the R46.
You can download them here:
R16 Download Link
R46 Download Link

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