NYCTA-Q (to Perth Amboy) by JayJay85

(Q) IND Hylan Blvd / BMT Braodway Express / (version 2.0) 57th Street-Midtown, Manhattan to Perth Amboy, New Jersey (but right now it's starting from 59th Street, Brooklyn due to a GO)
Known Issues
1. This is a high quality route, and you may experience lag (in frame rates and specially in BVE2 or BVE4).
2. in order for this route to work you will need the A Line and D Line (8thAve, 6thAve and Lefshut object folders).
3. you will need r46_2, R40 Slant and R160 Siemens OpenBVE trainsets to play these routes in BVE2 and BVE4, openBVE you can used any train set release date 01/02/2012

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