R-16 (Silver & Blue) by CT1660, Mudwrestle and Mr. Railfan

The R16 was a New York City Subway car manufactured by American Car and Foundry Company. The R16s were assigned to the BMT Eastern Division, although they showed up on the IND Queens Boulevard Line and BMT Southern Divisions from time to time.

The R16s quickly became the new standard in car design for the New York City Transit Authority. Structurally and mechanically, they were the larger versions of the R17s and basically an improved version of the R10s cars with same exact dimensions except that the R16s had electric door engines while the R10s had the air door engines.

During the mid-1970s, due to issues with the original door motors, they were retrofitted with door motors that were also used in the R44s, and due to their larger size, were mounted on the walls as opposed to under the seats, resulting in their distinctive sloping wall panels being installed to accommodate them.

Four R16s exist today: 6305 and 6339 at MTA NYC Transit's Coney Island Complex in Brooklyn, 6387 at the New York Transit Museum, and 6398 at the Trolley Museum of New York.

This download features 2 interior variations - the early 1970s non-slanted door panel version with the blue interior & white doors, and the late 1970s slanted door panel version with the beige interior & orange doors.

The sloping walls version features two versions: one with the 1968 sign set, and one with the late 1980s sign set.

4-car, 4-car OPTO, 8-car & 10-car versions included.

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