NYCTA D Line by Mr Railfan, JayJay85, Dj Hammers, and Phantom909

UPDATED 7/4/16 (D) BMT West End / IND 6 Ave / IND Concourse (version 4.2) 205th-Norwood, Bronx to Stillwell Avenue, Coney Island, Brooklyn (but right now the simulation goes to Bay 50th street, Brooklyn while Stillwell is worked on)

Copyrights/Terms of Use/Rights/Credits:
Majority of the objects were written and created by Joe Oneil (Phantom909) and I.
Some objects (some of the building objects) came from Nickgoh45 who made the Ariport Express Line.
Newer objects/textures were made by TJay1724, Mr Railfan, and Dj Hammers
Some objects created by all other members from

Other credits (RouteBuilder):

credits -- free object artists
used with kind permission/free-to-use-donations/
by routebuilder object base library agreement
Fons de Jong
Jan de Jong
Rainer H¸bner
Sanford Mace
Simon Man
smace(his/her converter)
smace(mirror the left one to do this)
Uwe Post

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Thank you for downloading this route! Enjoy!

2015-04-18 15:41:07
Wonderful. Thank you for adding the Coney terminal. The Manhattan Bridge was missing. Is that an issue on my side?
2015-10-03 01:37:01
The announcements aren't working I put the 6 avenue folder in the sounds folder but still doesn't work. Announcements work with all other routes though
Jordan Singh
2018-09-13 03:49:20
I found a better D line here;sa=downfile&id=79
2020-05-27 18:52:06
For some reason, it says that 922 files are missing, even though I downloaded all the files.
2021-07-17 01:24:35
manhattan bridge is missing because you need to download the J-M-Z
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