R40 Slant by DJ Hammers, Mudwrestle, Mr. Railfan, & zerobeats2000

The R40 was a B Division New York City Subway car built between 1967 and 1968 by the St. Louis Car Company in St. Louis, Missouri.

Between 1987 and 1989, the R40s were rebuilt by Sumitomo in Elmira Heights, New York and retrofitted with air conditioning and a new interior design.

The R160 order has replaced all of the R40 fleet. The last slanted train made its final trip on the A service on June 12, 2009.

As of November 2009, cars 4280-4281 are designated to be preserved for the New York Transit Museum and have run on a fan trip.

2015-06-28 15:08:30
My brake lever blocks the speed display...any way to fix this? Thanks--otherwise Awesome cab and cars...
2017-09-23 18:50:33
I cannot believe that something this detailed was made by scratch coding!!! Extremely good Job!!!!
2018-06-17 13:32:45
I am inexperienced with the R40S as I just downloaded it. My problem with it is the fact that I cannot move it. The basic movement I use is F+Z+Q or V+Z+Q. I don't know if this is different. Is there a way to fix this? But anyway, great R40S, keep up the good work!
Eastcoast Railer
2020-07-17 18:27:54
The BEST OF ALL Passenger trains EVER!!!
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