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R-110A (contract R130) was a prototype class of experimental new technology New York City Subway cars delivered in 1992. The R110A was designed to test out new technology features that would be incorporated into the R142 car order, and it was not intended for long-term production use. Built by Kawasaki Heavy Industries, there are ten cars, unit numbered 8001–8010, and they are permanently linked in five-car sets.

In each five-car set, there is a full-width cab at each end. The cab cars are powered by four traction motors each. The center car of each five-car set is an unpowered trailer, and the other two cars are powered by two traction motors each.

The cab is computerized, with a control stand consisting of a single lever for traction and braking control, a reversing key, a small numeric and symbol keypad, and an LCD flat panel display. The display is used in conjunction with the keypad to control doors, reset alarms of various sorts including the passenger alert system, display train speed and braking information, and do much more.

The R110A cars are similar to R62s, but they have squarer ends and wider 63-inch passenger entry doors (over a foot wider than the R62 doors, which were 50 inches). All car ends have clear lexan glass, allowing passengers to see through to the next car, except on cab ends. Their bodies are stainless steel.

Seating is improved by eliminating the bucket seats in favor of comfortable benches in bright colors. The benches, unlike the R62 cars, have some forward-facing seating combined with standard longitudinal seating. One side is shifted from the other, making part of the bench on one side of the car face a door on the other side. Some seating space is removed to allow for wider doors. Interior surfaces are fiberglass, which is resistant to graffiti.

There are LED exterior line indicator signs on all cars, LCD destination signs in windows, and LED interior next stop/variable message signs inside the cars. The LED display on the front of the car could either be red, for Broadway–Seventh Avenue Line service, or green, for Lexington Avenue Line service.

The R110A cars entered service on June 15, 1993, on the 2 service. In 1999, they were pulled out of service due to brake problems and fire damage, and were stored until 2013,[1] when the MTA converted the B-cars (non cab cars numbered 8002–8004 and 8007–8009) into flood cleanup pump cars, starting with cars 8002-8004 in 2013 until summer 2014, and then cars 8007-8009 in fall 2014. All cars were renumbered to P8002-P8004 and P8007-P8009 per the ERA's February bulletin

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