NYCTA 2 Line by The NYCTBA Team

Thank You for downloading this Preview Route depicting the New York City Transit Authority`s IRT Division "2" Train. This is the first portion of the route from Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn to 42nd Street/Times Square in Manhattan. This is a preview route, there may be changes in it when the full route from Flatbush Ave. to East 241st Street, The Bronx is released This Route can only run in BVE version 2.5.3

We have made 2 versions of this route. The first one uses the new R142 trainset, which consist of 10 cars in 2, 5 car sets. Each Car is 51.5 feet long. The second version of this route uses the famous R36 "Redbird" trainset, which also run in 10 car sets, Each car being 51.5 feet long. The Redbirds are being retired with many of the cars being sunk in the Atlantic Ocean now off the Eastern Seaboard of the United States to be used as artificial reefs. Since the Redbirds transversed these tracks for 40 years, We received requests from people who wanted to remember the Redbirds along the route, this is why we made one.

Features of this Route: smooth curves and switches accurate distances between stations accurate signal numbers Custom walls made for each station Station Announcements Information markers along the route Stairways Station ammenities, like benches, garbage cans, subway maps and info signs.

How to drive this route:

There are many grades and sharp curves on this route, so watch your speed,Try to keep your speed under 65 kph (about 40 mph) so the signals keep clearing and you don`t have too much wheel screeching. Some stations are at the end of long downgrades so if you come in too fast, you will overshoot the platform. Stop the train within 5 meters either side of the "10" signs near the end of the platforms.


We want to thank all the people who have made BVE an enjoyable hobby for people all over the world:

Mr. Mackoy for his development of this program

All the great developers from all over the world like:
Steve Green
Tom Beevers
Dave Reague
Steve Cross
Tim Frost
Dennis Ngai
Anthony Bowden
Robert Marrero
Ernie Alston
Tony Montalbano
Eddie Yee
And any one who has ever developed a route for BVE

Most of the objects used in this route are from our object files. Some have been borrowed from other routes. Remember this is a Preview Route and objects may change in the final version. Some examples of borrowed objects are:

Tube tunnel from Steve Green`s LUL Routes Arch Tunnel from Steve Cross` ESR Sydney Subway Route R 36 train object & staircases from Ernie Alston tunnel columns and walls, turnstyles from Robert Marrero And anyone else I might have missed

We would also like to thank the following people:

Tony Cash for his Custom Station Walls Oren H. for his announcements for both versions Phil for his constant input to correct my many mistakes :-) Marcus, Travis, and Clayton for hosting these files Eddie Yee for his R142 trainset Rudiger Hulsmann for his smooth switch program

Installing the Route:

The files are in a self-extracting format, just choose your main BVE folder.

In case it`s not working check the files to see if they are in the correct folders:

In the Routes folder you should have a folder named "NYCT-2" In the Objects folder you should have a folder named "WestsideA" In the Sounds folder you should have 2 folders, they are named "2" and "2M"

The R142 and R36 are seperate downloads from this site

We have tried to make this route as accurate as possible. If you have any comments or questions, pleas e-mail me at


Joe ONeil

kawasaki R36
2016-06-11 01:40:33
when is the full route is coming out and can u post it
2017-09-30 18:20:23
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