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BVE has a large community dedicated to providing you with the best possible route simulation experience from around the world, and the New York City Subway is just the start. Check out the sites below, within the BVEStation Network, and around other BVE websites and communities from around the world. You will never get bored playing BVE.
BVEStation Network
The following is a list of sites within the BVEStation Network, and related sites.
BVEStation Community
BVEStation Forums - Everything starts here.
Chat - Want to chat with fellow BVEStation members? Do that here.

Multiplayer - You can operate along with other operators in a makeshift run.
Podcasts - The voice of BVEStation. Now.
BVEStation Networking Sites
MBTA & NJT Forums - A site dedicated to MBTA and NJT
BusDepot - error46146's Bus Page
BVEStation Affiliates
TheBKConnection Radio - New York's #1 home for Interactive Talk.
OpenBVE Brazil
BVE Community
The following is a list of sites within the BVE Community.
Friends of BVEStation
eezypeazy.co.uk - eezypeazy and guillyman's BVE Pages, routes, objects, and trains for BVE/OpenBVE
Other BVE sites
Railsimroutes.co.uk - The official site of the Birmingham Cross-City South route and other innovative routes for BVE.
Vince Black's Site for BVE - Other routes and trains from around the world.
BVE Routes - The new BVE Routes website re-open as a wiki.
Official BVE/OpenBVE websites
Unofficial OpenBVE
Other sites
Other notable sites we feel should be put here.
Contributors to BVEStation
SecondAvenueSagas.com - Website dedicated to news coverage of the MTA. Special thanks to Benjamin Kabak for his photos, we've used them in some of our routes!
SubwayNut.com - Website dedicated to photography of rail based transit systems, with emphasis on New York City Subway. Special thanks to Jerimah Cox for his photos!
New York City Transit
Official MTA Website - MTA New York City Transit, and its agencies. BVEStation is not affiliated with any agency.
NYCSubway.org - New York City Subway website dedicated in showcasing photos of the system.
SubChat - Forums for discussion of the NYC Subway
New York City Transit Forums - Forums for discussion of the NYC Subway
DigiTechnix - Web design for less
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